Mummy’s Maid provides an extra pair of hands when you need it!

Mummy's Maid, recommended cleaners, housekeeper, nanny, Berkshire, 2015Whilst many busy families would love to have a full time nanny, housekeeper or cleaner, the reality is that most people don’t need one all the time. Mummy’s Maid has been established to provide that extra pair of hands as and when you do. Founded by Kez Luckett in 2010 it has been providing families with household, cleaning and childcare help for the last 4 years.

The key to their success has been the high level of service they offer, as well as reliability and consistency of staff, clients choose what day and time they would like their help to arrive. For added peace of mind each member of staff has been carefully vetted and is fully insured.

For more information please contact:

Tel: 0845 463 0075



They are currently looking for people to join their team - if you drive, have access to a car and have experience of running your own home please contact them directly.