Child Friendly Restaurants

JRC Global Buffet

Take a delicious trip around the world without even leaving the dinner table at JRC Global Buffet!   With a wide variety of foods to pick and choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice at JRC, just like Jess from the Primary Times office was when she visited one of their several branches.  From the family favourites of Chinese noodles and crispy duck pancakes to Indian curries, a whole range of pizzas and pastas to a full English roast dinner, it might take you a while to make up your mind. 

Sometimes it can be a worry that buffet-style food can be overcooked and dry as it has been sitting out all day, but this definitely isn’t the case at JRC.  The food stations are constantly manned with chefs continuously cooking and replacing the food to ensure that the taste is delicious and fresh all day long.  What’s more, there are live cooking stations as well where the food is cooked and prepared right in front of you before being served, so you can see exactly what you are having and how it has been made.  Jess had a mad mixture of food when she went for dinner there, as her plate had a slice of pizza, chicken korma, satay chicken, noodles and beef in black bean sauce – what an international meal! 

That brings us to the desserts, which Jess called, “almost too beautiful to eat” (note the “almost”!).  Individual hand crafted cakes and jellies galore were on offer here, all cut to individual size with beautiful fruit and edible glitter decorations, and don’t forget about the chocolate fountain either.  Jess recommends the Eton Mess and the individual cakes, especially the chocolate mousse cake with walnut and blackcurrant – we’re getting hungry just thinking about it! 

“The food quality was amazing” says Jess, “especially when you consider how reasonably priced it was”, perfect for families looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive dinner out but still with great tasting food.  The service that Jess experienced was also wonderful, with attentive and observant waiters who were always helpful and eager to make the dining experience as enjoyable as possible.  With a relaxed atmosphere in a modern environment, the exotic, Oriental-style layout and design of the restaurant itself will help you on your culinary journey around the world.  For more information on JRC Global Buffet  menus, branch details and exclusive offers, visit