Arts and Craft activities for children in Edinburgh

Edinburgh – Go Daft for Craft
Crafting is a wonderfully calming activity that encourages a freedom of expression, developing imagination and fine motor skills. Creative activities promote good hand to eye coordination, problem solving skills, and allow young imaginations to flourish. As the field of crafting is hugely diverse there really is something to whet everyone’s appetite – the choice is plentiful!  


Get creative in the kitchen
It’s good for a child to explore different tastes and ingredients at a young age and an easy way to encourage this is by asking a child to help with simple meal preparations. Begin by choosing an easy recipe for a dish your child will enjoy eating.

Then, get the children involved buying ingredients at the shops – get them to make sure they have everything they need before they start. Next, make your kitchen child friendly. Use solid chairs or stools to help small children reach clear work surfaces. And remember, children need more space than adults.

Fiona Bird, a past Masterchef finalist and mother of six explains that children can have fun cooking from scratch and will learn important life skills. On her website, she describes that by following easy to follow recipe directions a child’s reading skills will be enhanced, as will their mathematic ability as they learn how to weigh, measure and follow the numerical sequence of the recipe procedure.

Basic science is also brought in - such as how water turns to steam when boiled, and how all five senses, especially taste, are tested when cooking. And of course there is the added bonus of working as part of a small group and the chance to get creative.


Create hand crafted, personalised jewellery
Original pieces of jewellery crafted by little hands become priceless mini treasures. There are many ways children can create a necklace or emboss a piece of silver with a thumbprint to make an ever- lasting keepsake for someone.

To encourage this creative process many specialist craft shops sell an enormous variety of beads in different shapes, sizes and colours along with the necklace string on which to feed the beads, so a treasured bespoke keepsake can be created in no time at all.

Other DIY jewellery items for children include decorative pins, dangly earrings, rings and friendship bracelets. If you are buying a kit, look for one that is both age and ability appropriate to your child.


Get handy with a needle and thread
Many older primary school aged children are able to handle the more intricate handiwork needed for sewing and knitting. Many cross-stitch patterns are suitable for children to use, are easy to follow and introduce children to the basic principles of sewing.

All inclusive kits provide the correct amount of fabric and thread that is needed to create an item, yet give a child the chance to add those all important personal finishing touches such as decorative gems and sequins.

Other material-related gift ideas include: buying a plain t-shirt and customising it, decorating a plain canvas shopping bag using fabric paint, pens, glitter and sequins; making a fun sock puppet using googly eyes and felt, and if a child is able to, knitting a scarf or shawl.  


Crafting Activities and Workshops close to you...
Many craft cafes, studios and community centres offer craft based workshops providing variety and saving you the hassle of purchasing a wide range of materials. Remember to take a peek through the What’s On pages to find a number of different crafting activities close to you. Plus, here’s a little sample of what’s available...


Join the fun at Kids Knit - the award winning programme for primary school aged children!
Knitting might seem a bit tricky at first, but with the patient help of expert Kids Knit teachers, children quickly grow in confidence and start making their own unique creations from day one. T

he Kids Knit course has been professionally designed to take children from beginner stages right through to expert level. And with so many attractive and fun projects to choose from week by week, the fun never ends! You can choose from weekly classes, one off workshops and yarn-themed parties.

Kids Knit classes are provided by Knitting For All, a fast growing organisation that now includes YPK (Young People Knit) for teenagers. To find out more about all the classes and events on offer, check out or call Kerry on 07943 367314


Enjoy crafts of all kinds at Potter Around
While Potter Around is essentially a place to paint pottery, the friendly staff love crafts of all kinds and actively encourage local crafters to run classes in the studio. The staff at Potter Around are also expert crafters with years of experience.

They teach jewellery making, decopatch, paper craft, knitting and painting among other things. Kirsty runs oil painting classes, Nick spins the potters’ wheel, Nicky whips up scrumptious lip balms and Nancy fuses glass.

Try your hand at one or all of these great crafts as well as painting a piece of pottery. For more information go to


MAKE this summer special for your young apprentice
MAKE Summer School is the creation of Borderer Freddie Main, an experienced Head of Design and Technology at Merchiston, Edinburgh. It is a non-residential summer camp that not only develops an apprentice’s natural creativity, practical skills and confidence, but is also a whole load of fun.

The Edinburgh Summer Schools were a sell-out in 2012 and 2013, so MAKE is now being extended to the Borders. St Mary’s Prep school in Melrose will be hosting MAKE from the 21-25 July, and Freddie Main is very excited about the prospect of giving something creative back to the region where he grew up.

The apprentices will learn woodworking skills by making fun projects throughout the week. They will take away all of their creations to show off with pride and will also receive a free t-shirt on their first day.  

MAKE Summer School has had some very special guests including Scotland rugby star Greig Laidlaw (who is also a joiner), who ran fun challenges which the youngsters loved, and Rock band Bwani Junction who treated the young apprentices to an acoustic concert.

Parents are advised to book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited. More information can be found at


Arty parties at The Creation Station
An Arty Party from The Creation Station is the perfect hassle-free, affordable solution for special celebrations, where children can have a fun, creative experience to enjoy with their friends. More than just a simple event, parties at The Creation Station entertain and inspire too.

All the children are inspired to create at least two original art pieces to take home and include painting, modelling, making, sculpting, and crafting.

Of course, music, dancing and games are provided too. Mums and dads can relax because as well as setting up and providing all the fun party activities, The Creation Station will also provide the invitations and party bags. Parties are suitable for children aged 1-11 years. For more details call 0844 874 7343 or 07748 702466 or email


Imaginative knitting classes for boys and girls aged 5-11
Knitting For All provides the award winning Kids Knit programme - exciting knitting and crafting classes and parties for primary school aged children. 

Weekly Kids Knit classes are fun, and come with the close help and encouragement of fully trained Kids Knit teachers enabling children to quickly gain the confidence to improve their skills using a variety of natural fibres and wooden needles.

A Kids Knit crafty party is just the thing for the kids to get together for a bit of fun. They spend time chatting, laughing and being creative. What more could you want for your child’s birthday?

There are plenty of innovative crafting projects on offer for all party guests to enjoy. To find out more, visit