LINCOLN BIG today revealed it had been awarded a £10,000 grant towards

staging a major celebration in the city this Summer. 


The Business Improvement Group’s Chief Executive Matt Corrigan said the money 

will help to fund a fabulous carnival, which will be a central attraction during

The Great Magna Carta Weekend.

Activities taking place on June 13 and 14 will mark the 800th Anniversary of 

Magna Carta – leading up to the sealing of the Charter which was actually agreed 

on June 15, 2015. 


Encouraged by its success in securing financial backing from the Magna Carta

800 Committee, Lincoln BIG has also bid  to other sources, such as the Arts

Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the Lincoln Cultural Arts Partnership,

with the aim of securing funds  to further boost this highlight in the city’s events



“2015 is a milestone year. Lincoln Cathedral owns one of only four surviving copies of 1215 Magna Carta – as well as the 1217 Charter of the Forest (which added to Magna Carta’s freedoms). We are the only place in the world where people can see these two documents at the same time,” said Mr Corrigan. 


“Recognition of their international importance and the 800th anniversary is 

reflected in the £22 million investment made in upgrading Lincoln Castle. This

tourist attraction now boasts new facilities where the Charters will be on show.

They are expected to bring thousands of extra visitors to Lincoln.


“That is why planning is already underway for The Great Magna Carta Weekend, which will feature leisure and learning activities for people of all ages, whether they live locally or are just visiting. 

The community carnival parade will give workshop participants a chance to 

showcase their costumes, masks and puppets and workshops will encourage 

young people to think about the themes of freedom, liberty, justice and 



Lincoln BIG plans to work with ArtReach as part of its “Night of Festivals” 

Programme to deliver the event. Anyone interested in the carnival or just keen to 

join in on The Great Magna Carta Weekend, should contact