Food Britannia

Home Economist Cathy Seward discusses why we are a nation of food lovers and why most familes are trying to spend more time in the kitchen. Cathy Seward

We’re a nation of food lovers with 70% claiming to be passionate about cuisine but half of all parents say they stick to what they know – dishing up the likes of Spaghetti Bolognese, pizza or roast dinners, because they are simple and easy to make.

New research reveals that the UK is a nation of food lovers; no surprise given the UK hosts some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. However, when it comes to our cooking, we’re worried about mimicking our food idols and only ever cook family staples.

Demonstrating just how much we love our food, the study by Tesco, revealed that 30% of us own more than ten cook books and over half of the country’s adults watch two or more food programmes each week. But whilst you may think cooking should be one of the nation’s favourite hobbies, one in four admit to never making anything that they have read or seen due to the fear of lack of time and cost of ingredients.

Despite our fears, we are trying our best to spend time in the kitchen, with 55% of us spending more than 30 minutes cooking our evening meal on a weekday and only 5% using the microwave for the main family meal.

So should we be more adventurous and how? Here to tell us more is…