Gabby Logan launches a major new nationwide food education programme

Farm to Fork, the first initiative from The Tesco Eat Happy Project, is backed by supporters including Diabetes UK and the Children’s Food Trust. From February, kids will join on educational Farm-to-Fork ‘trails’ in factories, on farms and in supermarkets, to find out where food comes from and how it is made with the first year’s  ambition to take educate one million primary school children in the UK.

New research from the Future Foundation reveals that even though 90 per cent of kids say they know which foods are healthy, fewer than ten per cent achieve their five-a-day target. More than half (52 per cent) believe potatoes count towards the total, and one in ten (10 per cent) also count carrot cake. 

The Future Foundation report that British parents’ an astounding eighty per cent say their kids are less healthy than they used to be as kids. Half of parents fear the impact of their children’s diet on long-term health. 

The second phase of the Eat Happy Project, to be launched later in the year, will involve cookery courses for kids in stores, working with the Children’s Food Trust.0.

VIDEO: Gabby Logan talk 'Splash!' and Farm to Fork