Making your home an allergy-free zone

The fibres in your chairs and carpets harbour thousands of hidden allergens and allergy sufferers might be surprised to know... this is a good thing! The fibres of your carpet and upholstery act as filters, holding the spores and pollen reducing the amount in the air and thus the amount you breathe in. Ian McCormack, technical expert at ServiceMaster Clean offers homeowners some top tips on keeping their homes allergy-free this year.

Pollen in your sofa
Pollen is in the air all around us and upholstery fabrics are fantastic at capturing and holding these minute particles meaning every time you flop into your favourite sofa or chair, millions of allergens are thrown into the air and all around you. To combat this ServiceMaster Clean recommend your upholstery should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove the allergens. Take off all cushions and use the nozzle attachment to vacuum the hard to reach areas including, arms, sides and creases of the fabric. If you use a gently slapping action while you vacuum you will loosen the dust particles, making it easier to vacuum them up.

Pollen in your curtains
Your curtains are constantly exposed to indoor and outdoor dust and debris and, in particular, pollen. A simple tip is to simply vacuum the curtains while you are doing the rest of the room. Go in both directions, up and down, so you get rid of any allergens trapped in the pile of a fabric such as velvet which is commonly used to make curtains. Don't forget pelmets and pleats, great for harbouring unwanted pollen and dust!

One of the greatest problems with modern, well insulated homes is the lack of air-movement needed to dispel moisture produced by general day-to-day living. Mould physically cannot live where there is air movement, so ServiceMaster Clean recommend opening doors and windows to "air" homes, whenever possible.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of preventing the build up of dirt on your floors is to invest in a good set of door mats. A harsher mat on the outside to remove any outside debris combined with a softer mat on the inside to absorb moisture will help to keep your floors cleaner.

If dust is an issue for your health, consider carpet rather than hardwood flooring. Carpets can actually be a better option for allergy sufferers, because the fibres of the carpet act like a filter, catching pollen and spores and not letting them hover in the atmosphere of the room. To help maintain a clean and healthy environment, ServiceMaster Clean recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. This will not only help to keep them dust and pollen free but will also prolong their lifespan.

Pet Hair - we've got it in hand
Pet hair can gradually build up in fibres and the surfaces of your soft furnishings. Try using a rubber glove to gently wipe across the surface. The hairs will ball together and can then be easily removed.

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