Mum, where does tuna come from?

Melanie Sykes discusses her experiences of dining together as a family and her ideas for how to get kids excited about trying new foods and encourage them to develop good table manners.

Melanie Sykes

Almost two thirds (64%) of UK children have no idea that tuna is a fish, according to new research into family food and eating habits. The study reveals a startling lack of basic food knowledge from the country's youngsters. 

Of the 1,000 7 – 11 year olds surveyed by Table Table, one in eight (13%) had no idea that beef comes from a cow, while one in 20 (5%) were adamant that tomato ketchup comes from the ground.

The study reveals that 90% of a child's food awareness comes from their mum and dad, but the research highlighted just how little time some families are spending dining together with almost one in 9 (11%) only eating together up to once a month.

Surprisingly one in 12 (8%) parents admitted to never eating meals with their children. 

The research was commissioned to back a nation-wide search for Table Table's 'Family Tasting Teams', in a bid to educate and get families excited about dining together.  Five families will be chosen to become the restaurant's 'Family Tasting Teams', sampling Table Table's variety of food, reviewing new menus, receiving insight from top chefs and winning a year's worth of free meals. 

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