Parenting in The Digital Age

Porn, violence, sexting…children have access to all of this via the internet. Parents are often at a loss to know what to do and how to cope.

Today The Parent Zone, the leading organisation helping parents to manage their children’s safety online, launches a new course, Parenting in the Digital Age. Teachers, social workers and police officers will be trained and sent out to advise, help and support parents in managing their children’s online safety.

The benefits of the internet are vast - yet a climate of fear surrounds children’s online, for good reason.  Nearly half of all parents say their children know more about the internet than they do,* meaning that there’s a clear need for resources to help parents as they try to guide their children navigating the sometimes dangerous digital world.

‘Fear about the risks young people face online can lead to parents taking the wrong steps,’ says The Parent Zone’s CEO, Vicki Shotbolt.  ‘They may try to exert complete control over their child’s digital experiences – which won’t work - or at the other extreme, feel helpless, with the result their children are left to fend for themselves online.

‘Our programme will allow parents make informed choices. Parents know how to parent offline – PiTDA helps them to apply that knowledge online.’

According to Ofcom, the vast majority of young people** would turn to a family member if they saw content online that was nasty, worrying or offensive.  Parents have a crucial role to play, but often feel insecure about the best way to help. Parenting in The Digital Age will supply an army of trainers who can enable parents to set up technology appropriately, have the right conversations with their children and understand where to turn if they need further help.