Sainsbury's invest millions to get Active Kids in the kitchen

  • David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds launch Sainsbury’s Active Kids 2014 voucher collection scheme
  • Scheme drives schools to get ahead of new national curriculum changes
  • Over £136 million worth of equipment and experiences donated since 2005

Wednesday 29th January: Sainsbury’s is investing millions in the return of its Active Kids scheme, to help children lead healthier, more active lifestyles.  Fronted by ambassadors David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds, the 2014 voucher collection scheme launches seven months ahead of key changes to the national curriculum on cooking and healthy eating.

Over 100 new cookery and nutrition toolkits have been added to the range of sports and cooking equipment on offer as part of the voucher exchange for schools, Scouts and Guide groups and clubs. These additions will give teachers the resources they need to help children make healthier choices, encouraging interest in eating well and adding to Sainsbury’s nine year programme to get children more active.

From September, all pupils between the ages of five and 14 are to be taught cookery as part of the new national curriculum. The Active Kids scheme and new cooking products and teacher resource toolkits, developed in collaboration with the British Nutritional Foundation and the Department of Education, will equip school children with the materials, ingredients and knowledge to learn the skills to lead healthier lives.  

From Wednesday 29th January until 20th May 2014, customers can collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers when they shop at Sainsbury’s.

Justin King, Sainsbury’s CEO said: “We are excited to be launching our 10th year of Active Kids – now with even more choice – we believe it will help prepare schools for curriculum changes in September. 

‘The benefits Active Kids brings to tens of thousands of schools and clubs makes us very proud.  With the support of David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds, we know that in 2014 we can play a key part in helping young children understand cooking and healthy eating from a young age, as well as continuing to support local communities.”

Active Kids ambassador, David Beckham said: "Helping kids understand why being active and eating healthily is really important, which is why I am proud to announce that Sainsbury’s Active Kids collection is now open.

“There are more ways than ever for schools, groups and clubs to use their Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers - with loads of cooking and exercise equipment available - it’s time to get collecting.”

Active Kids ambassador, Ellie Simmonds said: “Understanding the balance between food and nutrition is something I’ve been very aware of as a young athlete.  So, I’m really excited that Active Kids 2014 will help children learn more skills to get cooking as well as getting active.”

Education and Childcare Minister Elizabeth Truss said: “Schools play a vital role in helping children grow up capable of cooking a meal, having a good understanding of what a healthy diet is and learning where their food comes from.

“Through the Sainsbury’s Active Kids 2014 scheme, many schools and organisations will be able to benefit from much needed equipment and ingredients to teach children vital skills for a healthy future. 

“This will also help to support teachers with the changes to the national curriculum which will make practical cookery compulsory for the first time for ages 5-14 from this September.”

In 2013, Sainsbury’s invested over £13m in schools, groups and clubs through the Active Kids scheme, bringing the total investment to £136 million since 2005. This year, the scheme is bigger than ever with a catalogue of equipment providing groups with cookery and sporting equipment to help children live healthier lives.  Sainsbury’s Active Kids launches with a new advertising campaign, fronted by ambassadors David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds, OBE from Wednesday 29th January.