Top tips for enjoying the hot weather with your kids

The long awaited and welcomed hot weather can be hard work for children. Here are some top tips from Caroline, The Dance Lady:


Children need to drink at least 6-8 cups of water a day and more in hot weather.

Prepare water bottles and freeze them

If you are out and about, camelbacks are a great way of drinking on the move.


Wear light coloured clothes, dark coloured clothes absorb heat. ALWAYS wear a hat.

TOP TIP My 2 year old is getting so frustrated when I am trying to dress him, or change outfits during the day. So I place his t shirts and shorts in the fridge just a few moments before I need them! Firstly he thought that was hilarious! Secondly, the clothes were lovely and cool. This works especially well with plastic type shoes and sandals as often footwear become sticky and uncomfortable to put on


In anticipation of kids becoming hot and squabbles breaking out! Prepare the garden with everything you need! Take out lots of “den making” equipment and material i.e. old blankets and sheets, pillows and cushions, old curtains etc.

Invent water themed games.

Water Balloon Tag

Fill the cup relays

Paddling pool and hose pipe slide obstacle course

Super Soakers


Often children s appetite changes with warm weather. Snacks are easier to get them to eat. Prepare beforehand as well as making the preparation an activity in itself.

Smoothie Making - Using fruits, juice, ice and nuts

Fruity Ice Pops - Place pieces of fruit and juice into ice cube trays and freeze.

Ice Jellies Make - a jelly adding extra fruit, but freeze instead!

Frozen Fruit - My sons favourite! Cut up pieces of fruit, bananas and grapes work really well, and freeze. They make a fabulous ice cold snack!

Enjoy the sunshine!!

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