Is you child getting enough Vitamin D?

The public health campaign Vitamin D Mission has launched this week, which focuses on parents with children aged 0-5. The Mission has commissioned the Generation D- Report to highlight the current state of the nation. The research reveals that parents are largely oblivious to the importance of the vitamin, as well as the potential illnesses associated with deficiency, including rickets, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. As a result of this lack of awareness, along with environmental factors, all children living in the UK are at risk of missing out on the vitamin D they need.

Full release and key statistics:

The average toddler is only getting 27% of their daily dietary vitamin D of the vitamin D they need for the healthy development of teeth and bones         

Six in ten (60%) UK parents are unconcerned about the risk of insufficient vitamin D levels in their child

Parents in the UK are largely oblivious to the major health issues associated with low levels of vitamin D, with many unaware of the potential link to multiple sclerosis (95% unaware), osteoporosis (91% unaware), obesity (91% unaware) and rickets (62% unaware)

Fifth of parents (20%) remain unaware that under-5s rank among the most at risk of low levels of vitamin D

Despite government recommendation, only one in seven (16%) parents provides their child with a daily vitamin D supplement, with three in five (60%) admitting they never give their child vitamin supplements at all

Six in ten parents (62%) either don't know about or do not buy fortified foods to supplement their child's diet

More than a third (35%) state they have never received information about their child's specific needs