Mums appreciate ‘tough love’ from their daughters

Women begin to care less what their partners think about how they dress, and seek fashion and style advice from their daughters because of their ‘brutal honesty’


by Psychologist  Honey Langcaster-James

Women are no longer asking their partners ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ opting to take advice from their female offspring instead. More than half of mums trust their daughter’s opinion above anyone else’s, with nearly a third valuing their ‘brutal honesty.’  This bond is so strong and important, that 28% of women believe that mums with sons are less stylish than those who have daughters, according to new research. In fact, only 5% of mums value their sons’ opinion.

On the other hand, daughters are on the fence about trusting their mothers. Despite the fact that 47% of women aged 19-34 admit to being envious of their mum’s sense of style, two fifths would never trust their mum to shop for an outfit for them unsupervised.  Not only is this because they don’t trust their mum’s judgment, but a third are also embarrassed by their mum’s behaviour and what they say. However, mothers seem to have a thicker skin and are rarely embarrassed or offended by their daughter’s critique.


The research from Gray & Osbourn also looked at the strong bond that exists between mothers and daughters; over half say they speak every day and more than three quarters of mums would trust their daughters to buy clothes for them in their absence.

Seeking style inspiration from celebrities is also common for both mothers and daughters, with Sophie Ellis-Bexter and Janet Ellis coming out as the favourite mother-daughter pairing.

Research also revealed that women care less about what their husband or partner thinks about what they are wearing as they get older. More than a fifth of women aged between 19 and 49 value their partner’s opinion, whereas only 8% aged between 50 and 75 take advice from their significant other.