New Food Guide Help Book

The Good Parenting Food Guide

In the UK, 75% of children aged 10 to 11 eat more than the recommended level of fat and the majority of 9-11 year olds consume less than half the recommended daily intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Magazines, newspapers, the radio and TV are packed full of articles that warn of the dangers of eating an unhealthy diet. But, with so much contradictory information being published, it can be difficult to know what a healthy diet actually is.

Jane Ogden has written a practical new book that draws on more than 25 years worth of research into eating behaviour, food preferences, obesity and eating disorders to tackle this most contentious of issues. Her aim - to not only explain what constitutes a healthy diet but to provide parents with a range of practical tools that will ensure that their children learn how to like what they eat - without it becoming an issue or obsession - and to establish eating habits that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

Full of practical advice, eye-opening facts and interviews with people who are obese, have eating disorders and those who eat a healthy diet, The Good Parenting Food Guide clearly guides parents through the key ingredients for a healthy diet - from what is healthy for different age groups to the associations between food, social situations and mood, from the way we shop, prepare and talk about food to obesity and eating disorders, how common they are, their causes, how they can be prevented and possible treatments.


This new book has received some excellent reviews from parents already!