Skyscanner Launches Flying with Babies Guide to Stress Free Flying

Today’s announcement from Ryanair on the changes to its family policies highlight just how confusing travelling with infants can be. Each airline has different rules with charges varying greatly. In fact, despite Ryanair’s changes, it still comes out as one of the most expensive airlines for travelling with children. Skyscanner is therefore on hand to provide some much needed clarity with its new flying with babies guide –

The travel search company has looked at several important infant (children under two) policies across 40 international airlines ranging from the different infant charge costs to whether the airline offers free priority boarding as standard for those travelling with young children.

One area that differs greatly between airlines is the infant charge; some airlines charge a set fee (from £19 per sector with Aer Lingus), while others charge a percentage of the full fare, which can be up to 20%.  Families travelling on an airline which charges a set fee may find it is not that much more expensive to actually pay for an additional seat for their infant.

Many parents may not be aware that most airlines allow them to purchase an additional seat for infants*, so the guide highlights the different charges levied, which range from the full adult fare with Ryanair, Thomson and Easyjet to just 15% of the adult fare with Air France. 

The guide also looks at the number of items that can be carried free of charge, which ranges from just one with Aer Lingus and Qatar, while Easyjet, Monarch and Virgin Atlantic allows up to three items free of charge, offering quite a saving for families intending on travelling with a number of items.  Only 75% of the airlines included in the guide offer a luggage allowance for infants.

The flying with babies guide aims to make flying with babies a stress-free and so Skyscanner has also enlisted the help of consumer champion and mother of four Sarah Willingham to share her top tips for flying with children.

Skyscanner’s Mary Porter said, “Flying with infants can be a little daunting, especially for first time parents, and we felt there was a real need to simplify the process.  We hope this guide will arm parents with all the information they need, to either decide which is the best airline for them to book with or indeed to check the various policies of the airline they have already booked with so there are no nasty surprises.  We hope that this, along with our tips for keeping children happy on board, will make flying with babies a stress-free a pleasant experience for all.”

Consumer champion and mother of four Sarah Willingham added, “I am a mother of four and I love travelling with my children.  It really doesn’t need to be a stressful experience and I hope that by sharing my tips, along with the provision of this guide from Skyscanner will encourage many more families to take the plunge!”

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