Delicate Yet Powerful Children’s Book Helps Youngsters Prepare for & Cope with Grief

Written by Lynne Burton, ‘Little Ladybird Lost’ isn’t the market’s average children’s book, but one desperately needed for the thousands of young people who struggle to both accept and cope with the loss of a loved one.

It’s a fact of life, but most children face a loss at some point during their early years. It’s often a confusing and highly-stressful time for the undeveloped mind, having to both prepare for the death of an ill relative and cope with the aftermath. However, a compelling new book by Lynne Burton serves as literary solace during this desperate time of need.

‘Little Ladybird Lost’ doesn’t shy away from the realities of grief, but it does approach the topic in a compassionate and accessible way that can dramatically change any child’s outlook.

When mummy ladybird finds out she is dying she has to tell her special little girl that she won't be with her for much longer as she is going to die. The story delicately explains how the distraught family have to deal with the death and how their life changes dramatically. It is to help families and professionals who can use this book with their children to explain death in their own way. It has been written delicately where the family or professional can put their own religious spin in to the book, should they wish to do so.

“My main goal with the book wasn’t to just write something that can be fed to a child, but something that can be adapted to each family’s situation and needs,” explains Burton. “From different types of religion to the child’s relationship to the deceased and even the manner of their death – the ladybirds are merely a vehicle for the sharing of a message that each family can make their own.”

Continuing, “Naturally, this isn’t a book that is applicable to every child, but those in need of it will find it is literally life-changing”.”

‘Little Ladybird Lost’ sits alongside two other children’s books by the author; ‘The Adventures on Ken’s Canal’ about the life of canal barges and their friends, and ‘Charlotte’s Crocodile’ which tells the whimsical tale of a young girl given a pet crocodile for her birthday by a rather eccentric uncle.

“Each story is very different, but this kind of variety keeps things interesting. My books stem from the serious arenas of tragedy and loss right through to a little girl who comes to grips with the most fun and unique present she’ll ever be given. Buy the entire range…there’s literally something here for everyone,” Burton adds. BUY IT ON AMAZON