Two thirds of parents don’t think their children are ready to go to the toilet alone when they start school

With the new school term underway, as well as worrying about packing the lunchboxes, parents are also concerning themselves over whether their child is ready to go to the toilet by themselves?

New research released today reveals that over two thirds of parents (63%) aren’t fully confident that their little will manage without parental supervision.

40% admitted to still helping their children go to the toilet well past their first year at pre-school; occasionally up to the age of seven. 

This is despite the fact that 61% of parents say they believe they have established a simple and effective cleaning routine when it comes to their children going to the toilet, alongside other important formative routines like brushing teeth (72%) and going to bed (64%).

The Andrex® Clean Report, commissioned to take a closer look into the cleaning habits of the nation and how being clean in our intimate areas can have positive physical and emotional benefits, revealed that 34% of parents rate teaching their children how to be clean after going to the toilet as the most difficult parenting task, convincingly beating teaching them to brush teeth (15%), hold cutlery (5%) and blowing their nose (3%).

Part of the problem, the report found, is that we’re shying away from discussing toilet habits with our families.  83% of parents questioned said that the topic of cleaning their intimate areas is very hard to discuss with others – even their children - yet it is an important issue which can impact on our health if done incorrectly.