Children using reading tool more likely to read more, think reading is cool

A new report published by the National Literacy Trust (NLT) has shown that children who use the reading tool Accelerated Reader are more likely to enjoy reading, read more often and think more positively about reading than their peers who do not use it.

Accelerated Reader (AR), created by educational software company Renaissance Learning, helps monitor and manage independent reading practice. It motivates students of all ages and abilities to read for pleasure. Over 100,000,000 students use AR in over 3,700 schools in the UK and Ireland to help guide and develop independent reading practice.

In the report, “Accelerated Reader and Young People’s Reading in 2013” the NLT analysed reading enjoyment, habits and attitudes of 29,422 children and young people aged eight to 16. The report compared both students who used AR in 2013, and those who didn’t.

The report showed that children and young people who used AR not only have more positive attitudes towards reading, but also read more: 

  • More children and young people who use AR agree that they will get a better job when they grow up if they are good at reading (64.2% vs. 52.6%).

  • Young people who use AR are more likely to agree that reading is “cool” than young people not using AR (43.8% vs. 35.5%).

  • Boys using AR tend to read more actual books in a typical month (42.7% vs. 39.6%).

James Bell, Director of Professional Services at Renaissance Learning said: “Encouraging a positive attitude towards reading is one of the most important steps in helping children to read, improve literacy, and ultimately academic achievement.

“Like the previous report, these findings confirm the fact  that tools like AR help foster these positive feelings towards reading. Interestingly, the findings show that the connection between AR and positive attitudes, are particularly true for boys, and pupils in KS4 (14 to 16).”


Both the 2014 and 2013 reports are available from: