A new online resource for children

In January 2015, publishers DK are launching an innovative online resource called DKfindout! - a global education website for children, parents and teachers. Supporting the new National Curriculum the site is primarily aimed at children studying Key Stage 2, and brings together the very best of DK's unrivalled bank of amazing images and content across a huge breadth of subjects. The site is free to use and aims to provide children, teachers and parents with an invaluable learning and reference tool to use both in the classroom and at home.

DK has been at the forefront of inventive illustrated print publishing for over 40 years, providing best-selling and award-winning books for all ages and interests. DKfindout! will provide children and their parents with a wealth of information across core educational topics, from science and mathematics to geography and history. Interactive and immersive, this highly visual resource supports learning both in the home and at school; it also provides teachers with an engaging, educational tool to use when teaching, and a reliable source of information to help with lesson planning.

DKfindout! is a safe, age appropriate online environment for children that brings DK’s inimitable visual approach to the internet. It takes DK’s authority and expertise and expands the printed page to offer online information, enhanced with sound, video animation and quizzes - providing an even richer learning context. Every DKfindout! journey is unique. It allows children to create their own personal experience with every visit, whether that’s completing a homework assignment or playing a quiz, to simply wanting to know more about a subject that fascinates them. Overall the DKfindout! experience helps children learn core facts in a fun and engaging way.

Key features of DKfindout! include:

  • Key points of the National Curriculum (KS2) are covered

  • Content is easily accessible on all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile

  • The website caters for every type of learner, from those who prefer to read information to visual learners

  • Accurate and up-to-date facts authenticated by experts

  • Content will be constantly updated throughout 2015 and beyond, in-line with changes to teaching practice

  • Includes animations, sounds, videos and thousands of photographs

  • Hundreds of quiz questions supporting every topic

  • Teacher area in development throughout 2015 - includes a bespoke tool for teachers to create lesson plans

  • Parent information and support

  • Powerful search engine allows users to find exactly what they are looking for quickly, easily and visually

As the DKfindout! website has been developed it has been continually tested by children, teachers and parents around the world. Children most importantly, have been exhilarated and highly engaged by the volume of content aimed directly at them, and parents felt assured that their children were in safe hands when using the site. Teachers were also eager to use DKfindout!  - they felt the site supported the new National Curriculum and the current material they use in class, and were extremely positive about having a visual aid to use when teaching and a comprehensive planning resource for future lessons.

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