Help a child with Educate for Life

Educate for Life runs an innovative primary school called Hunar Ghar in a remote village in Rajasthan in northern India. Most of its 258 pupils, ranging from four to fourteen, are the first in their families to ever go to school. The facilities are basic; there is no access to electricity or running water, the classrooms are built of mud and stone and there are no tables and chairs. 

However, the children at Hunar Ghar are well nurtured and thriving. They are not only gaining good literacy and numeracy skills, they’re also becoming confident, imaginative young learners. Demand for school places is growing and they need more support. 

£10 a month provides everything needed – teachers, books, uniform – to sponsor a child’s education at Hunar Ghar. Choose to support a child, and your family will follow their story through regular updates. Find out more