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Primary Times in Nottinghamshire is the largest free distribution magazine in the region reaching families with children in primary school.  It is delivered to over 225 primary schools and libraries across Nottinghamshire, 7 times a year to coincide with the end of each half and full term plus a Back to School issue.  We publish over 58,000 copies of our magazine and try to ensure that we have a good mix of adverts and what's on listings that allow for all family budgets.  Our aim is to give parents lots of ideas of things they can do with their children during the holidays.

We are delighted to hear your news as well - so make sure that if you have an event at school coming up, a child, class, team or school who have achieved something great or if you have something amazing going on in your community then please do get in touch so that we can put it on our newspage - or Twitter - or Facebook.... the options are endless!

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