Cooking with Kids: Pancake Faces

Get the little ones together for a spot of creative pancake fun!


Ingredients (serves 6):

Halved strawberries (ears and nose)

Handful of blueberries (eyes)

1 tub crème fraîche (the "glue")

1 pack shredded coconut (whiskers)

1 jar glacé cherries (halve them to make tongue and to decorate ears)

1 apples (mouth)

6 Abra-ca-Debora Sweet Dutch Pancakes


  1. Place each type of fruit in separate bowls and give your little one a teaspoon each.
  2. The idea is that you turn a cold pancake to make into a funny face. Get them to spoon small amounts of crème fraîche on to their pancake to use as “glue” to stick the fruit on.