From Earth Purple Smoothie



This one is for the whole family & can be enjoyed daily!
It’s full of nutrients that your digestive system will love.
A quick & Easy daily essential that the whole family will love as your breakfast, a treat or that afternoon pick me up. 






1/2 Cup organic blueberries 

1 Small chopped Beetroot 

1/2 Small chopped Purple Carrot 

3 Stalks of Purple Kale 

1 Dessert spoon of Synergy Natural Supergreens

1 Scoop of Sunwarrior Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder 

500ml  Water 





1. Place your berries & chopped veggies into your blender.

2. Add in all of your dry ingredients.

3. Add in your Kale.

4. Pour in your filtered water, cover & blend for 30 seconds.





Serve & Enjoy!

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