Summer Beehive


500g box of Fruitful Shredded Wheat
3 x 300g Cream Cheese
2 Standard Sliced Loaves Bread (Can be 2 wholemeal or 2 white, or 1 of each for a chessboard effect) Sandwich Fillings (You can use one or a selection. Fillings such Cheese Spread, Peanut Butter, Marmite, Chocolate Spread…)
Raisins from the Fruitful Shredded Wheat
For Each Cereal Bee:
1 Nesquik
2 Golden Nuggets
2 Shreddies
1 Cocktail Stick
A little Cream Cheese

1) Make sandwiches from the 2 loaves with the fillings of your choice.
2) Build a stack of sandwiches using 1 and a half loaves on a plate or board or cake stand.
3) Carve the stack of sandwiches to form a rough beehive shape; using the additional half loaf of sandwiches to pack around it to form a good shape, cutting these sandwiches as required to fit the gaps. Use a little of the cream cheese as a glue to attach these pieces to the sides of the sandwich stack.
4) Put the remaining cream cheese into a bowl and mix until really smooth. Cover the beehive shape completely with cream cheese.
5) Press the Shredded Wheat into the cream cheese to cover the beehive starting at the base
and working upwards in neat rows, to create the traditional beehive effect. Leave a gap for the
door and press in raisins to add details.
6) Chill to set firmly.
Meanwhile make the bees using Nesquik and Golden Nuggets threaded on cocktail sticks, with 2 Shreddies as wings attached with a little cream cheese. Push your bees into the beehive to decorate.



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