Tips for Re-Growing Green Onions from Scraps


I've been re-growing green onions from scraps on my window sill for about a year now, since I first saw on Pinterest that it could be done.
I love green onions! It literally is not worth eating
a baked potato without them for me, so I like to have them fresh and handy at all times and I hate paying for stuff that I could get for free.



1. Make sure you put them someplace with sunlight!

2. Make sure said spot is warm. In other words, don't put your onions right in your window in the dead of winter. (I'm also guilty of this one!) They won't grow if they're cold!

3. Use a clear glass, and make sure you keep water in the glass! I forgot to water mine for a few days and they shrivelled up and turned brown in protest. Ditto when I put them in an opaque glass, apparently they really, really like the sun!

4. Make sure that the glass is big enough that the roots have room to grow. Eventually a tiny juice glass isn't going to cut it! The roots will get too long and tangled and start trapping mould between them, which makes the onions taste really, really, really bad (ugh, trust me on this one!).

5. When your spring onions look ready, mix in some plant food to your soil and plant.
Remember to gently separate the roots and spread out the onions so that they had some breathing room when planted!



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