Shop the latest dyslexia-friendly picture books

Sharing stories is one of the best things families can do for their children, and Picture Squirrel books support all readers with a cluster of dyslexia-friendly features so everyone can enjoy these spectacular stories.




All I Said Was by Michael Morpurgo and Ross Collins
A boy who dreams of flying swaps places with a bird who dreams of reading a book, but who has the better end of the bargain? A wonderful celebration of the power of books to take the reader anywhere the imagination can reach. Storytelling Legend Michael Morpurgo’s tale of the wonders of books and reading is illustrated by award-winning picture-book artist Ross Collins.

All I Said Was, £6.99





Wolfman by Michael Rosen and Chris Mould
Wolfman has escaped and the townspeople are terrified! Whatever can Wolfman want? A very funny tale with a seriously toddler-friendly punchline. Michael Rosen’s love of language joins with thrills, chills and belly laughs in a rollicking romp that is a joy to read aloud, with stunning illustrations by Chris Mould.

Wolfman, £6.99






Itch Scritch Scratch by Eleanor Updale and Sarah Horne
Scratching kids and maddened mums wage war on some very nasty nits in this hilarious rhyming story. The rollicking text begs to be read aloud – a delightfully itchy comedy with added resonance for any family dealing with one of childhood’s scratchier issues! Ace author Eleanor Updale teams up with illustrator Sarah Horne in this hilarious picture book.

Itch Scritch Scratch, £6.99





Freddy and the Pig by Charlie Higson and Mark Chambers
Freddy hits on a cunning plan to send a pig to school in his place while he stays at home with his beloved X-box. A laugh-out-loud tale of little piggies, little boys and the occasional puddle on the floor. Comedy star Charlie Higson takes a hilarious look at little boys and their charming habits, with fabulous illustrations by Mark Chambers.

Freddy and the Pig, £6.99 


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