Why Music Education Rocks

Here’s the thing about music: you’re never too young to learn. And for children, music provides many benefits. Here are five reasons why your child should swap the remote for a musical instrument.

1 – It will make them smarter. Music stimulates parts of the brain related to reading, maths and emotional development.

2 – It will improve their memory.

3 – It helps them socially. Children who learn to play a musical instrument develop important life skills as a result.

4 – It’s a confidence builder. If you want your child to develop their confidence, learning to play a musical instrument can help.

5 - Playing a musical instrument fosters creativity. Music education stimulates the brain to think outside the ordinary which results in improved creativity.

DK Music Academy offers one-to-one lessons for electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and drums and vocals at schools in Brighton and Godalming for children aged 5+. The first half hour lesson is free. Call 07415 610 055 or email info@dkmusicacademy.co.uk to book your lesson.

For more information, visit www.dkmusicacademy.co.uk.

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