ARC Stockton

Box Office: 01642 525199


Play Dough

11.00am Saturday 26th July

What is money? Did you know you can make it with the power of your imagination?

Join Unlimited Theatre for Play Dough - the game show where you can play with 10,000 real pound coins. Our hosts Queenie and TooMuch will lead two teams through a series of high-energy games while telling you everything they know about how money really works.  You cannot take the cash home with you – but if your team wins, you get to decide the end of the story.  Play Dough is a playfully interactive show about the value of money. It is a remix of our hit show MONEY the game show created for young people 7+ and their families.

Tickets: £3.00

Recommended Age: 7+ Years.


The Adventures of Walter Lemonface

11.00am, 12.30am, 2.30pm & 4.30pm Thursday 14th August

A fun-filled, interactive experience for the whole family. Join adventurer, fearless inventor and connoisseur of carrots, Walter Lemonface as he hunts for Rhubarb Ogres, battles  ghosts and finds a new adventure around every corner.

Older than the hills around him, Walter lives in a purple shed at the bottom of a waterfall. He will tell you that he has been everywhere, met everyone and he saves the world at least once a week. But remember, not everything Walter says is true...

And did we mention that Walter also happens to have a yellow head, shaped a little bit like a lemon? He is very proud of that!

Sometimes scary, often touching and always with a healthy sprinkling of silly, The Adventures of Walter Lemonface features live animation, music and storytelling, is a treat for children aged 2 to 92.

Animated stories will be told throughout the day and last around 20 minutes each.

Tickets: Free

Recommended Age: 0-8 Years.


Groovy Babies: School Disco

1.00pm Saturday 13th September

Groovy Babies are back at ARC after the summer holiday break!

Join the Groovy team in a super cool school disco. Plenty of old school tracks for you and your little dancer to move and groove to. Watch performances and routines by the Groovy Dancers...this time Shufflin' Sam and Millie Mischief are starting school! Loads of funky rhymes and rhythms, balloons, bubbles, disco lights and much more. Come and be part of the September event old school style!

Food served all day and the bar will be open for mummies and daddies too.

Tickets: £6.00 Adult + Child, £3.00 Child, prices may vary depending on demand but are usually cheaper in advance.

Recommended Age: 0-5 Years.


Hey Presto!

2.30pm Saturday 20th September

Peaceful Lion Productions present Hey, Presto! a brand new production based on the book by Nadia Shireen. Presto, the cat, is a very talented magician, so when he and his best friend Monty, the dog, join a funfair and start a magic show things look good for the duo. But fame goes to Monty's head and soon Presto loses his friend and his show!Will true friendship prevail? Is there a touch of magic in the air? A heart-warming tale of aspiration, friendship, adventure and a little bit of mischief accompanied by catchy songs, this is the perfect treat for everyone aged 3 and up.

Tickets: £6.00, £20.00 Family

Recommended Age: 3-8 Years.



11.30am & 2.30pm Saturday 27th September

Travel back 100 years to the battle fields of the First World War, when pigeons saved lives by flying vital messages behind enemy lines. This is the incredible true story of one of those birds, who became known as ‘Cher Ami’. First there was an egg and in that egg was a tiny little pigeon. The pigeon hatched and grew and learnt to fly. But soon the call came. This young bird was growing in a time of terrible war. Every man was needed to fight, and every pigeon was needed too.

Charmingly inventive puppets, original live music and delightfully daft characters combine to uncover a remarkable historical story.

Tickets: £6.00, £20.00 Family

Recommended Age: 6+


Darlington Civic Theatre

Box Office: 01325 486555


Angelina Ballerina The Mousical

Friday 25th July – Sunday 27th July, 4.00pm Friday, 11.00am, 2.00pm & 4.00pm Saturday & Sunday

Everyone's favourite little star, Angelina Ballerina, pirouettes onto the stage in her brand new musical - a magical show packed full of singing and dancing. Angelina and her friends think their dreams have come true when Camembert Academy wins the opportunity to appear in their favourite television programme 'Dancing With Mice!'. But when the girls and boys have very different ideas for the show and just can't seem to agree on anything, it's up to Angelina as Dance Captain to ensure that the show goes ahead.  So put on your ballet shoes and join Angelina, Alice, Gracie, Viki, AJ and Marco for the most stupendous Mousical of the year!

Tickets: £12.50


Darlington Dance Festival

6.30pm Monday 8th September

People from dance schools, community groups and local schools will take to the stage at the Civic Theatre in a vibrant celebration of dance in Darlington. This year’s chosen theme is A Night at the Movies, and sees each group perform to their own chosen song from a movie.

Tickets: £5.00, £4.00 Discount



Middlesbrough Theatre

Box Office: 01642 81 51 81


Once Upon a Musical

7.00pm Tuesday 15th July

The energy and enthusiasm of these young performers will uplift you as you are transported through the decades on a journey of magical musical memories.

Tickets: £7.00, £5.00 Concessions, £20.00 Family


Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Outdoor Theatre at Stewart Park

6.30pm Wednesday 23rd July

Deep in the Northumbrian countryside a terrifying mystery and legendary nemesis await the arrival of the world’s greatest detective. When the wife of Doctor Watson suddenly disappears, a desperate quest to find her begins. Sherlock Holmes comes face to face with his greatest fear at the hands of his mortal enemy in this action-packed new tale of romance and suspense.

The performance space is paved throughout (no damp grass!).Bring your own rug or low-backed seating and dress warmly. Refreshments available and picnics welcome. Free car parking at main entrance on Ladgate Lane. Gates open 45 minutes before the performance. Cash only on the gate. Cancellation only in the event of a hurricane

Tickets: £12.00, £10.00 Concessions, £36.00 Family



The Wind In The Willows: Outdoor Theatre at Steward Park

2.00pm (Gates open 1.15pm) Tuesday 6th August

What starts as a search for the best picnic spot rapidly turns into the most hilarious of
escapades. With the bumptious Toad’s heart set on a shiny new motorcar and his very
liberty soon at stake, will his faithful friends come to his rescue – and will he let them?

Alive with music, song and dance, this magical family show is presented in beautiful
traditional costume and features a woodland parade during the interval for everyone
to join in with! There are fun and frolics aplenty with this glorious new adaptation of the classic novel loved by children and adults alike. Bring your own rug or low backed seating and dress warmly. Picnics welcome, but no alcoholic drinks.  Refreshments are available on site at Henry's Cafe

Tickets: £10.00 Adults, £8.50 Children, £30.00 Family


Marty MacDonald’s Farm

2.00pm Saturday 10th August

Featuring children's TV favourite Justin Fletcher as the Voice of Pongo the Pig (Justin does not appear in person). Marty MacDonald needs your help! He's looking after his uncle's farm but Old MacDonald has left things in a mess  the animals have gone on holiday, the farmyard is topsy-turvy and the crafty crows are eating the crops in front of his eyes! Help Marty, Pongo the Pig, Molly- Moo the Cow and Sheena the Sheep as they work together to find a way to rescue the corn and save their farm... Come and join in the adventure, and sing along to your favourite songs & nursery rhymes.

Tickets: £12.00 Adults, £10.00 Children, £40.00 Family

Recommended Age: 3-7


MacBeth: Outdoor Theatre at mima Gardens

7.00pm Wednesday 27th August

In the setting of a WWI rehabilitation hospital, MacBeth and his devious wife explore Shakespeare's path of cold-blooded murder fuelled by the tantalising promise of prophecy. Tragic repercussions abound...This innovative, psychological interpretation of the Scottish tragedy will thrill you with its bold exploration of the dark side of human nature. Witchcraft, manipulation and brutality unfold as the soldiers recover from the physical and mental scars left by war. The perfect way to mark the centenary of the First World War, Heartbreak Production's MacBeth will linger in the mind long after the performance has ended. Bring your own rug or low-backed seating and dress warmly. Refreshments available and picnics are welcome. Gates open 45 minutes before the performance. Cash only on the gate.

Tickets: £12.00, £10.00 Concessions, £36.00 Family


The Jungle Book: Outdoor Theatre at Stewart Park

3.00pm Saturday 30th August

In the magical Indian jungle, a new arrival changes the animal kingdom for ever. In this beautiful adaptation, all your favourite animal characters are brought to life to create an enchanting and fun-filled musical show for children of all ages. A guaranteed summer hit for all the family.

The performance space is paved throughout (no damp grass!). Bring your own rug or low-backed seating and dress warmly. Refreshments available and picnics are welcome. Free car parking at main entrance on Ladgate Lane and gates open 45 minutes before the performance. Cash only on the gate with cancellation only in the event of a hurricane.

Tickets: £12.00, £10.00 Concessions, £36.00 Family



Middlesbrough Town Hall Theatre

Box Office: 01642 729729


Disney Musical Theatre Week

9.30am – 3.30pm Monday 4th – Friday 8th August

Back by popular demand! Be a star of the stage in this wonderful musical theatre week. Do you love dancing and singing to all your favourite musical tracks? Then this is the summer school for you! The course covers Disney Classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book and Hercules alongside new Disney favourites including Box Office hit 'Frozen' and Tangled. At the end of the week there will be a showcase performance at 2.30pm of all the work created. Attendees must provide their own packed lunch and comfy clothing must be worn.

Tickets:  £70.00 Early Bird when places are booked before 1 July, £80.00 when booking after July 1, £130.00 when you book Disney and Broadway Summer Schools at the same time.

Recommended Age: 6 Years.

Please note: A consent form must be completed for every child attending, these can be obtained by contacting the Box Office on 01642 729 729.


Broadway Musical Theatre Week

9.30am – 3.30pm Monday 11th - Friday 15 August

Be the star of the stage this summer with our Broadway musical school. This is your chance to work with industry professionals to help develop skills in drama, dance, and singing whilst covering some of broadways most popular shows. There will also be a showcase performance at 2.30pm at the end of the week of all the work created. Attendees must provide their own packed lunch and comfy clothing must be worn.

Tickets: £70.00 when places are booked before 1 July, £80.00 when booking after 1 July, £130.00 when you book Broadway and Disney Summer School at the same time.

Recommended Age: 7+ Years.

Please note: A consent form must be completed for every child attending, these can be obtained by contacting the Box Office on 01642 729 729



Billingham Forum

Box Office: 01642 552663


Movies And Musicals

2.00pm & 6.00pm Sunday 20th July

An Amateur Production Performed By Heritage Dance Studio. Experience classic style of two art forms in one performance in a creative display that shouldn’t be missed!

Tickets: £8.00, £6.00 Concessions


Milkshake! Live

1.00pm & 2.00pm Saturday 30th August – Sunday 31st August

Starring some of your milkshake favourites this brand new musical spectacular is sure to have children up on their feet and singing at the top of their voices!

Joining this fantastic show will be two milkshake presenters, who will take us on a fun milkshake adventure; bound to dazzle and delight! The show features brand new songs, classic favourites and funky dance routines, plus plenty of laughter, bags of audience interaction and bucket loads of fun for all the family too!

Tickets: £12.50, £10.50 Concessions, £42.00 Family


The Sooty Show

11.00am & 2.30pm Thursday 14th September

Sooty heads into town in a fabulous new show to delight the whole family. Joining the nations favourite bear will be Sweep , Soo and Sooty's TV Partner Richard Cadell  - who will be attempting to keep Sooty from getting up to mischief!  Boy will he have his hands full!

It's Sooty's Birthday party and things aren't going to plan. Sooty and Sweep get messy baking the Birthday cake and will Soo ever decide which dress to wear?

Special party guests include legendary Sooty favourites Butch the bulldog and Ramsbottom the snake. So join in with all the fun and games at Sooty's Birthday Party! There's also a chance to meet Richard and Sooty after the show.

A spectacular mix of magic, music and mess- guaranteed giggles for Sooty Fans old and new! Don't miss it

Tickets: £12.00, £10.00 Concessions, £38.00 Family