English Heritage launch LEGO�® Education sessions at Stonehenge

·         Changes to the curriculum have led to a

30% increase in school visits to Stonehenge

·         New LEGO® Education sessions will use iconic figures to help children learn about prehistory

English Heritage has partnered with LEGO Education to launch innovative new visits to Stonehenge which will bring the 5,000 year history of the site to life for schoolchildren.

From 27 January primary schools will be able to join specially designed LEGO Education sessions, which combine a tour of the World Heritage Site with the company’s iconic bricks, shapes and figures to learn about the myths and legends of Stonehenge.

It is the first time that LEGO Education has worked with a humanities subject and if it proves successful English Heritage hopes to develop bespoke lessons for other historic sites across the country.

Prehistory was added to the KS2 curriculum for the first time this academic year and as a result English Heritage has seen a 30% increase in school visits to Stonehenge. In addition the organisation has seen a massive increase in the use of its free Stonehenge teaching resources – with over 3,000 downloads since the start of term.

Kate Davies, Stonehenge General Manager for English Heritage, said: “Stonehenge is one of the largest providers of education visits in Europe and we are always looking for interesting and innovative ways to engage pupils with the history of the site.

Booking information: Book your visit now by calling our booking team on 0370 333 0606, book online http://services.english-heritage.org.uk/educationbookings/ or email bookeducation@englihs-heritage.org.uk“From today schools will be able to book unique education sessions at Stonehenge which combine a visit to the famous stone circle and Neolithic houses with the use of LEGO Education StoryStarter kits to decipher the history of our ancestors.  The sessions have been designed to match the curriculum and will help teachers bring prehistory to life.

“These field and classroom sessions at Stonehenge will complement the wide range of educational resources already available on English Heritage’s website including free downloadable teaching aids, class room tasks and discussion points.”

“It is great see StoryStarter being used in such an innovative way. StoryStarter was designed to give children experience in creating and telling stories and motivate them to use their imaginations to develop a wide range of writing, speaking, listening and reading skills,” said Jessica Armitage, Primary Marketing Manager, LEGO Education Europe.

“English Heritage shares our passion to bring learning alive using a hands-on approach. Our partnership means we can continue to engage and attract children in other areas of the curriculum, like prehistory, whilst also improving their literacy and ICT skills.”

English Heritage will offer six LEGO Education sessions per week at Stonehenge and expects over 600 pupils per year to participate. Stonehenge is already one of Europe’s largest providers of educational visits with over 50,000 children visiting annually to learn more about England’s prehistoric past.

English Heritage offers extensive online resource for teachers including downloadable fact sheets, class room tasks and images covering over 2,000 years of history.

More information available at: www.english-heritage.org.uk/Stonehenge

In this hands-on and expert-led session your class will visit the world famous stone circle to discover a world of myths and legends, including tales inspired by Stonehenge itself. Your visit will continue in our education room where, in groups, the class will create their own myths using LEGO® StoryStarter kits.

  • Available to book Tuesday - Thursday during term time
  • 2 hour session
  • £100 per class

Booking information: Book your visit now by calling our booking team on 0370 333 0606, book online http://services.english-heritage.org.uk/educationbookings/ or email bookeducation@englihs-heritage.org.uk

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